Hidden Valley Women’s Club

Hidden Valley is truly an amazing neighborhood! Not only is it a beautiful place to live but it is also filled with wonderful neighbors and a strong sense of community spirit.  The women’s club (AKA: Valley Girls) has been a huge part in keeping this community spirit alive and thriving! The purpose of the women’s club is entirely social in scope, dedicated to bringing together our neighborhood community. We welcome and introduce newcomers to the valley and offer opportunities for established residents to meet new friends.

This is accomplished by planning and providing a variety of different social gatherings and activities. A sample of activities include; afternoon tea parties, family game nights, chuck wagons, Oktoberfest, reggae festival, spring egg hunt, holiday gingerbread parties, summer movie nights at the lake, camp out at the lake, poker nights, and pot lucks.

That’s just to name a few of the events that the women’s club has sponsored and hosted over the years.  The women’s club also puts on fundraisers to raise money for desired enrichment/improvement projects in the Valley that encourage social gatherings.

The Valley has two main events each year, 4th of July and a Fall event!!! It is a tradition here in Hidden Valley that  these events are assigned to neighborhood sections (please check your Hidden Valley directory to see which sections are assigned this year). The sections are responsible for planning, organizing, and volunteering at the event.  The Valley girls often assist with these events, but the success of the event relies on the assigned sections. If you are in an assigned section please reach out to the Valley girls as we have an abundance of resources to assist.

Currently, our club is looking for someone or multiple people to step into leadership positions.  Please let us know if you’re interested in taking an active role in building your community!

In the interim, we are going to try to keep some of the events going!  We already have several volunteers to be event leaders/ spearheads for some of our favorite events.

Contact us by email here hiddenvalleygirls@gmail.com