Irrigation Reduction

Hidden Valley Residents, it is almost that time of year when the Hidden Valley irrigation or untreated water is diminished from summer deliveries (April 10th to October 10th) to winter deliveries (October 11th to April 9th).

The difference in quantity is substantial dropping from 865 gallons per minute (GPM) to just 165 GPM. For this reason, it will be necessary to turn off the main pump at the water pumping plant located at the Cavitt property next to the fire station. The reason is simple, the main pump can pump as much as 900 GPM and would quickly use all the water in the 115,000 gallon storage tank that is filled all summer long with the 865 GPM it receives from the PCWA canal. What water is not used flows to Oak Lake via a gravity pipe. You see it dumping into the small pond near Oak Lake.

The pump at Oak Lake will take over all pumping but can only pump about 450 GPM. You will see a drop in pressure during heavy use. Even with the reduced pumping ability it will quickly start lowering the level of Oak Lake. With reduced deliveries from PCWA and canal maintenance causing delivery interruptions Oak Lake cannot provide uninterrupted irrigation water for more than about 3 weeks. This all depends on the demand by residents. HV will eliminate watering all common areas like the baseball field and Oak Lake area. If you are watering a common area it would be best to eliminate those areas as well. Last year Oak Lake reached its lowest level but fortunately the rain came and it was not necessary to stop the pump. Thanks for starting your conservation measures October 10th.