Fire Abatement Project Updates

Hello everyone

The second week of the fire abatement work is in the books and again has brought some impressive results. The crew started their week around lot 151. It ended with them getting a across the bridge at the south end of Oak Lake and clearing out behind lots 1-6. They even got a head start on this week’s upcoming work by beginning to trim up the trees behind lots 10- 14. There will be extra crew members working this week so it is quite possible they could end up by lot 38 before the end of the week. We will keep our fingers crossed. The bulk of the work this week will take place around lots 24-38 where there is a lot of blackberries. Did I say a lot of black berries?... and bamboo (in addition to the tree trimming)! In these first 2 weeks I have seen more people than ever walking the trails just wanting to see the progress of the project. So far everyone has been very supportive of the work that has taken place. Zero complaints about “too much” cutting/clearing being done. There have also been no reported incidents of members having negative confrontations with the work crews. The board wishes to again thank everyone for their continued understanding and patience during this loud and sometimes dusty process of fire abatement. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mark Ratterman or myself.

Thanks again, Chip Dull

Fire Abatement Map & Schedule 10/26/19

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