July Newsletter

Topics Include:

  • President’s Perspective
  • HVCAβ€”Monthly Board Meetings
  • July Security Report
  • HVCA July 4TH Event Photos
  • Remembering Lewis K. Uhler
  • Harry Gesner Obituary-Arc for HV Home
  • Clubhouse Schedule and Usage
  • Regulations for Oak Lake Recreational Area
  • more…

HVCA 4TH of July

11:00 – Event Begins – Bring your own food and beverages

11:30 – Parade – Decorate your bikes, horses, strollers, or yourself. Remember that dogs and horses are okay for the parade, but please take them home afterward.

12:00 – Horseshoe tournament, balloon toss, tug of war, cake walk, and games.

2:00 – Field events begin

3:00 – Triathlon and water events begin – Group 3 member teams; swim, bike, run, and individual iron man, woman, boy, and girl. Bring your canoes, paddle boards, and Kayaks for a water race.

4:00 – Official Close