Website Nears Completion

Hello Community Members,

Our website is near completion, with a target date of April 30TH. I'm still waiting on EBMC for 2018 Financials, the last months of 2017 Financials, 3 years of CPA reviews and the 2018 Approved Budget. Β I'd also like to get some information on the Hidden Valley Women's Club ("AKA Valley Girls") and I plan on taking pictures this weekend for our Amenities page. I ask that everyone register and take a close look at the site, we've only had about a dozen members register so far. In addition to contact forms, documents, meetings and other information, the site will also be an extension of the Newsletter for public announcements and community event information. Your input is welcome during these final stages of development. Thank you,

4/26/2018. UPDATE: EBMC sent the requested missing documents. Thank you Jeannine.

4/26/2018. UPDATE: Hidden Valley Women's Club sent information. Thank you Traci.


Your Web Administrator and HVCA Resident

Al Semas

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